Kassinee is a dynamic innovative modern enterprise, the company is committed to access solutions、architectural hardware、smart device、home appliance and etc.


Our team has many years of industry experience, keen market insight and stable supply chain. We cooperate with customers in all regions of the world, including and not only: Australia, the United States, Canada, Chile, Panama, Southeast Asia and etc. . Due to professional marketing team、 strict quality control management  and being always strict with the international high testing standards, we are favored by customers and recognition.


Kassinee is a diverse team, we also have a lot in common. We share ambitions and we let empowerment, innovation and integrity guide our work. Together with our customers and partners, we will continue to develop innovative home solutions to help people feel safe and warm so that they could experience a more happier life.

"Most people probably won't believe it, but I was a comfortable patient in a position very different from my current career, until one day I realized my comfort zone wasn't for me and I left. Fortunately, I entered the door hardware industry by chance and came into contact with all kinds of hardware products, from a screw to a whole set of smart home systems. Various aspects of hardware knowledge have made me a person who knows hardware and loves hardware products.


The three years of the epidemic have made many traditional manufacturing industries go downhill, but they have also made me deeply realize the difficulties and opportunities of the traditional hardware industry. It seems that most of the young generation in today's society will not be involved in this boring industry. Then how do we bring new blood into this needed industry? How to meet the changing market needs of the old-fashioned consciousness Therefore, an ideal seed is deeply planted at this moment.


I do hope to become one of the few young people in the hardware industry, and I do want to bring more possibilities to home products. I decided to set up Kassinee, an advanced hardware company. In a nutshell, we just want to give forgotten household hardware a new definition and home temperature. Better deals, better products, and a better life."